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How We Charge


Fixed fee

We offer our clients transparent, fixed fees for ad hoc legal work.

Once we understand your requirements and the scope of work, we will provide you with an upfront all-inclusive fee to complete the work. If the circumstances stays the same, our fixed fee stays the same, irrespective of how many drafts and how long it takes to complete the work. 


Month to month retainer

Outsource all your legal requirements so you can focus on growing your business. We act as your legal counsel to manage your company, including dealing with risk management, regulatory compliance and other legal issues that may arise. We can also audit your internal processes to ensure risks are minimised and implement internal policies and procedures to future proof your business. 


Hourly rate

For complex matters, litigation and disputes, or matters that require a lot of negotiation,  it is difficult to predict the amount of work required, particularly as this depends on a number of external factors. That is why for these type of matters, an hourly rate is more suitable.


We always provide you with an estimate of our potential costs,  including if certain events occur, so you are not surprised by unknown legal fees. We never proceed until you have agreed to those costs. 

Legal templates


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